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Sunday, 6 December 2009


The moth trap has been transformed. A brilliant white interior with a green woodstain exterior. The lighting will be experimental and interchangeable. These modifications are incomplete except for the system featured. Two 27mm E.S. porcelain Lampholders mounted on a wood batten, both wired to a 13 amp plug top. The lamps are 240 volt, 100 watt oversized blacklights, edison screw 27mm.

The advantages:- easy to install........ lamps give out 200 watts of u/v light without appearing too bright, so wont upset the neighbours, perfect for adjoining gardens where a 125 watt MV might cause friction.

Disadvantages :- The running cost.... 200 watts all night becomes expensive over time. The heat.... lamps get hot and will injure the moths, therefore a protective device is needed to keep moths from contact with the lamps. (To be designed and fitted) Health and safety... avoid looking directly at UV blacklights, and care must be taken with 240 volt leads.

Moth pulling power ? unknown....experimental.

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