WINE RACE 2016 .. MATTc380 .. TRENT 353 .. BEN 347 ...... Garden species:- Macros 357, Micros 365, Total 722

Saturday, 21 February 2015

21st Feb 2015 ... Waiting

It's still very quiet on the mothing front with little opportunity to fire up a trap or two.
Looking at the forecast for the remainder of Feb it will probably be March before the traps go on again.
So far my garden total stands at 10 moths of 7 species, compared to 2014, 17 moths of 8 species.
Latest moth ...
19th Feb
1047 ... Acleris schalleriana

1047 ... Acleris schalleriana

Monday, 16 February 2015

15th Feb 2015 ... Nutty and Dotty

Overnight low 2.1 deg C
A bit colder than the forecast but to be fair, the weatherman did say 5 deg min "but in areas where the sky clears ...."
But it was warm enough for the traps in the early evening.
Just the 4 moths recorded
2 x Pale Brindled Beauty, and one each of Dark Chestnut and Dotted Border, the latter being only my 2nd garden record.

1934 Dotted Border
2259 Dark Chestnut

Saturday, 14 February 2015

13th Feb 2015 ... A Pale Male

It was just about warm enough last night to flick on the traps while I was out quizzing and supping.
The first macro moth of the year arrived at last, a male Pale Brindled Beauty.
4.2 deg low..rainy
1926, Pale Brindled Beauty