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Friday, 5 February 2010

Despite the rain and the 20mm of it at the bottom of the 15watt actinic skinner (must put some drainage holes in it !) This Satellite was found sheltering within. A new species for my garden. Tried out my twin 11 watt PL Homebase funnel trap (pictured above) but nothing doing.
This trap is an experiment, made from a homebase plastic storage box with clip-on lid and two 8inch funnels dropped into the lid. Lighting is two 11 watt PL two pin lamps and lampholders. The two ballasts are housed in a small adaptable box which can be seen in the doorway to my garden shed. I like it, but will the moths ? watch this space. (temperature was 4 degrees C and rainy)
The skinner is also pictured, at the top and had its first catch of the year with the obliging Satellite.

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