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Monday, 21 June 2010

20th June....Sandy Carpet in Biggleswade ?????

Best nights "mothing" for a while, with temperatures only dropping to 12 deg C .... 41 species of macro moths were recorded which is a record number. The explaination for the blog heading, to anyone not familiar with this part of Bedfordshire, SANDY is our neighbouring town, about 3 miles up the A1 from Biggleswade.
SANDY CARPET (garden first)

BARRED YELLOW (garden first)

MEAL MOTH (garden first for this cracking micro)

GREY PINE CARPET (first for year)

UNCERTAIN (I think !) another first

an early COMMON FOOTMAN (first for year)


LIGHT ARCHES (first for year)

SMALL BLOODVEIN (first for year)

COMMON EMERALD (first for year) RESULTS:-
12 x Heart & Dart
10 x Willow Beauty
5 x Garden Carpet
5 x Marbled Minor agg
4 x Common Marbled Carpet
4 x Large Yellow Underwing
4 x Green Pug
4 x Flame
3 x Turnip Moth
3 x Brimstone Moth
3 x Uncertain **
2 x Wormwood Pug
2 x Common Pug
2 x Barred Yellow **
2 x Broad-barred White
2 x Peppered Moth
2 x Dark Arches
2 x Grey/Dark Dagger
2 x Pale Mottled Willow
2 x Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 x Rustic Shoulder-knot
2 x Privet Hawkmoth
Lime Hawkmoth
Elephant Hawkmoth
Common Emerald *
Riband Wave *
Vine's Rustic
Small Dusty Wave
Flame Shoulder
Small Bloodvein *
Silver Y
Light Arches *
Large Nutmeg
Buff Ermine
Small Square-spot
Small Waved Umber
Common Footman *
Sandy Carpet **
Grey Pine Carpet *
Small Magpie
Brown Housemoth
3 x E. mono's
5 x L B Apple moth
3 x Bee Moth
Meal Moth **
* first for year
** garden first


  1. Nice going Trent, Sandy Carpet seems to be popping up alot lately, quite a local species.

  2. Cheers Ben, I had a devil of a job getting the pic. They don't keep still too long, but the illuminated roller blind nailed him !

  3. Lovely pics! Butterflies always make me happy. I have not seen those species before.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Thanks Shan, these are moths that visit my garden at night. They are not often seen in their true colours