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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Acleris confusion.....more pics

Thought I'd better post some more pics of this one.
VC 30 recorder says it is most probably Acleris hastiana but it has been pointed out that it closely resembles Oak Nycteoline by a few "moth-ers". Size, markings and flight season fit the bill.
SO, I've dug up some more pics showing side view to level the playing field. It looks like an Acleris sp from these views. Thanks to Ben for opening this interesting debate and comments are as always welcome.


  1. Good god, yes it's hastiana, nice variation!

  2. er ... sorry to P on anyone's chips - only just seen this - still catching up.

    This is a 100% Oak Nycteoline

  3. Difference of opinion here ! I have sent the pics off to VC30 MACRO recorder and had a reply. The verdict is that the moth in question is in fact Oak Nycteoline, which in days gone by was known as Large Marbled Tortrix. Oh, by the way Skev, was in Edinburgh recently..had a few nice jars of Belhaven Best Bitter on draught....recommended.

  4. Glad you got this one sorted - it's always the small macros or big micros which can lead to a bit of confusion, and the old vernacular definitely doesn't help ..
    Yes - had some Belhaven up in Cullen this year, certainly worth a re-fill.