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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

1st Nov....Dark Chestnut or is it Chestnut ? Help !

I think this is Dark Chestnut.....the pics are a little over-exposed to show the patterning. The wing shape doesn't look rounded enough for Chestnut but then again not as straight as most of the illustrations I've looked at for Dark Chestnut. Thanks Matt.... I had this down as Dark but after a second look the doubts were creeping in. Not a garden or year first but ....................


  1. Trent, see my moth blog - The Orthosia Enthusiast - and scroll down to my Dark Chestnuts and look at the wing shape...
    Yours is Chestnut.

    Cheers Stewart

  2. Cheers Stewart, yes I can see the Dark looks "cut off square" and doesn't slope like the Chestnut