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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

4th Oct 2011...Garden traps

Min overnight temp..14.4 deg, strong gusting wind.
Nothing new to add to year list, surprise find was Pyralis farinalis (Meal Moth) which is the latest by a mile in the garden...
26 x Shuttle-shaped Dart
20 x Pale Mottled Willow
14 x Lesser Yellow Underwing
10 x Large Yellow Underwing
  7 x Blair's Shoulder-knot
  5 x Lunar Underwing
  4 x Large Ranunculus
  3 x Black Rustic
  2 x Setaceous Hebrew Character
  2 x Willow Beauty
  1 x Brindled Green
  1 x Angle Shades
  1 x Mallow
  1 x Red-green Carpet



  3 x Endrosis sarcitrella
  2 x Epiphyas postvittana
  3 x Emmelina monodactyla
  1 x Monopis obviella
  1 x Pyralis farinalis


  1. For some reason they are fairly common in my garden Ben. I had two more last night.
    Oddly enough, Small Runcs are too...