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Sunday, 22 January 2012

21st Jan 2012...Wine bet

The 2012 wine bet ( macro moths only ) took an early knock as Captain Trappings notched a superb Spring Usher on the 18th.
This would be a very welcome rarity in my urban garden.
Last night saw my 7th Dark Chestnut for january and is my sole macro to date.
Back to the wine bet.....
I have lost this bet for the past two years since its inception in 2010 but last year was very close (macro total) and in 2010 I missed out on late March and most of April due to holidays, which included an unplanned extra week due to Icelandic volcanic ash.

Dark Chestnut

Wine bet......

Regular updates to follow.


  1. I love this competition between you two
    Please keep it going for my amusement alone :)

    All the best now.

    1. Will do Ben....this is serious stuff ! (:0))