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Thursday, 19 April 2012

18th April 2012 ... Unidentified micro turns up in the rain

Overnight min. temp. 7.3 deg. .. Rain most of night, heavy at times.
No traps last night, far too wet until I sort out some rain covers, but I switched on a blacklight in the patio door window.
A new micro appeared out of the rain which has yet to be identified. Looks like a Monopis species at just 5mm in length.
Photos are a bit rubbish, my lumix macro mode struggles with tiny micros !

A good shout for this micro could be 607 Elachista canapennella Male
after Captain Trappings suggestion of an Elachista species.
Flight time is right, size is good ( 8/10 mm wingspan ) 
This one would be a plain male if it is E. canapennella as the female is well marked.
Either way our recorder will have the final say.
Gen det confirmed as 607 Elachista canapennella...David Manning, county micro recorder.

Apart from said micro....
2 x Hebrew Character
1 x Agonopterix alstromeriana
1 x Epiphyas postvittana


  1. Amazing how these tiny micros make it through the rain - I'd agree with your ID of E. canapennella.



  2. Cheers Dave, I'll post the gen det result later. Our micro man would like a closer look...all the best