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Friday, 22 June 2012

21st June 2012 ... Poplar Front

 Another weather front has arrived with rain and wind after teasing us with a couple of days of seasonal June conditions.
Of the few moths trapped, two were added to the macro tally for the year, Poplar Grey and Heart and Club.

Poplar Grey, Acronicta megacephala

Heart & Club, Agrotis clavis
I have added 4 new micro species to the garden list courtesy of David Manning, Beds. micro recorder, who recently collected lots of little pots from my freezer.
11th May...0290...Caloptilia semifascia
16th May...0449...Prays fraxinella f. rustica (dark form, Ash Bud Moth)
16th May...0682...Depressaria chaerophylli
28th May...1099...Endothenia marginana

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