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Sunday, 25 November 2012

25th Nov 2012 ...Migrant micro

It was a nice day in Bedfordshire today, a brief respite between two weather fronts.
So I dragged my knackered knee and daughters dog along the local river Ivel, a feeder for the the Great Ouse.
As I wandered downstream of Jordans Mill (of health food bars fame) I was thrilled by the sight of a Kingfisher whirring past with the sunlight reflecting from its superb plumage, a strong contender for Britains most beautiful bird.

Pathway along the river Ivel

Found this leaf mine on an oak sapling that had retained its browning leaves, maybe a Stigmella spp. ?

Mine on oak leaf

I have switched on the garden traps tonight but had to cover them at 19.30 hrs as the next weather front moved in with its accompanying rain, but I found this Rusty Dot Pearl Udea ferrugalis on the trap before the covers were hastily put in place a couple of  hours ago.....
1395 Udea ferrugalis
26th Nov  am.... 8deg min with frequent periods of rain
Trap results:-
1 x 0998 Epiphyas postvittana, Light Brown Apple Moth
1 x 1395 Udea ferrugalis, Rusty Dot Pearl
1 x 2256 Eupsilia transversa, Satellite

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