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Friday, 12 April 2013

Garden catch and prototype portable moth trap

Rain has been the price to pay for the warmer weather.
Very few moths in the garden traps
10th April ... 2 x Common Quaker
11th April ... 1 x Clouded Drab
Last nights lone Clouded Drab

A portable lightweight trap is about to make its debut this weekend in Home Wood.
Trap, lights, control box and battery weigh a little over 6.5 kg. and the trap folds flat to fit in a rucksack making it easy to lug it abroad, or to those places where there is no vehicle access and a generator or even a heavy 24Ah battery set-up would be a little tough on legs and back.
A dusk to dawn photocell means it can be dumped in situ during the day and will switch on and off automatically and although the skinner type trap would get a bit wet during a rain shower, the lights are waterproof so no harm done except for wet egg boxes.
The 2.4 watt lights have been tested with a fully charged battery ( 7 Amp hour, 12 volt ) and were switched off after 14 hours, still as bright as ever.
If successful, it will go in to production ... Watch this space

Prototype Ratface Battface undergoing battery test.
The Wine Race
That jammy sod Matt (Capt. Trappings) has just returned from a 3 week break in the sunny Cayman Islands. Did he slip behind in the wine race ?
Not a chance.
The milder weather started on the day he returned (10th April) after the coldest March/early April since Black Beauty was a foal !
Speaking of dark horses... that Ben Sale has snuck into the lead ..........................


  1. That Battface looks good, which reminds me. I need to get some more plywood. Cor, isn't it cold? Looks like next week's weather could be good for HW test. Will try to get another portable trap built before then.............
    The Captain.

  2. Wow, I am liking this new trap idea. What are the lights used? and would they be effective at attraing moths? I am looking for something to take away with me to Spain, so if succesful thn you have a buyer.
    Sunday night is indeed favourite....and I like horses, I had tem for my lunch yesterday in my Corned Beef roll.
    Matt, I suspect that you will race into the lead come monday morning with Dotted Chestnut, Lead-coloured Drab blah blah blah :p

  3. The lights could be the drawback ... They are white L.E.D.'s and about as bright as say an 80 watt MV (will do a Lux test later), but they are outside of the light spectrum range of the usual lights, e.g. actinic, blacklight, mercury etc. but that can be overcome.
    The lamp wattage is the key to keeping down the weight, which is mainly the battery.
    We are going to field test it against an identical trap with actinic/blacklight combo over a series of evenings to see if there is a marked difference.
    Oh by the way Ben, the horsemeat scare has even affected Veggie burgers... Scientist have found traces of Uniqorn in them and they give you the trots ....

  4. Hmmmm well you will find out soon enough! It might be a good combo with my 8w uv blacklight, which could sit in the middle somewhere. Yes I guessed the nm would be way out.
    There has been extensive tests with leds and generally they have proved unsuccesful....but I use a cree led torch when I am out mothing and I get plenty flying towards the beam.
    I best stick to thoroughbred meat then!