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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

17th June 2013 ... Great start .. Tragic end

The latest "best night of the year so far" started with some sweep netting on my overgrown front lawn.
Tall grasses and a lot of Ox-eye Daisies are present and our micro recorder suggested a sweep as he had found some of the scarcer Dichrorampha on his ox-eye.
One Dichrorampha, probably "plumbagana", turned up with a Carnation Tortrix, an unidentified micro and a garden first Nettle-tap....
385 ... Anthophila fabriciana ... Nettle-tap
After recording a big selection of moths throughout the evening around the traps it was time for shut-eye and a check inside the traps in the morning.
The tragic part was after I had checked the house end trap, I moved on to the BBQ end trap.
Bearing in mind the skinner trap near the barbie has a 23mm slot, it was amazing to see a House Sparrow had forced it's way into the trap. Not only that, two more appeared from behind egg boxes !!!
I released the flock ? (how many birds make a flock ? more than two ?) and checked the was carnage !
One set of wings belonged to a Privet Hawk-moth, with several Heart and Dart and many others.

New for Year moths .........
216 ... Cork Moth ... Nemapogon cloacella

746 ... Chrysoesthia drurella
1392 ... Udea olivalis
1958 ... Clouded Silver ... Lomographa temerata

1955 ... Common White Wave ... Cabera pusaria

1902 ... Brown Silver-line ... Petrophora chlorosata

1768 ... Grey Pine Carpet ... Thera obeliscata

1991 ... Elephant Hawk-moth ... Deilephila elpenor

1682 ... Blood-vein ... Timandra cornae

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