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Monday, 12 August 2013

10/11/12th Aug 2013 ... A select few

 Above: A very washed out Large Twin-spot carpet, 10th Aug

Below: Mompha propinquella by the look of it ... to be dermined
Wrong ! (again) 
0266 ... Bucculatrix nigricomella

 Above: A "year first" Rosy Rustic

Below: First appearance of Agriphila geniculea, followed by several others

 Above: Orange Swift new for 2013

Below: 2nd record of Twin-spotted Wainscot

Below:  2 x  pristine Vine's Rustic in the trap 11th Aug

A garden first record of Willow Ermine although this has probably been disregarded in the past in amongst the numerous Bird-cherry, Apple and Spindle Ermines.
428 ... Yponomeuta rorrella
12th Aug, a year first Square-spot Rustic,
first of many .......
2134 ... Square-spot Rustic ... Xestia xanthographa


  1. That Ruddy looks like a Large Twin-spot to me.

    1. Yeah it could well be, there's not much left of it