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Friday, 28 November 2014

28th Nov 2014 ..County 1st micro, garden 1st macro

After being informed by the missus that the little freezer was about to be de-frosted I decided it was time to remove the little pots and do the rounds.
First to the Banthorpe's residence to drop off the macro moths in their convenient little cupboard near the front door, then on to the Mannings to drop off the half dozen or so micro moths. Any excuse for a cuppa and a sticky bun.
The results of the micro gen dets came in today and after checking my notes against the results, I am feeling a little bit chuffed.
9th Sept, (after consulting with Trappingsofsuccess) Agonopterix nervosa, worn, tbc
12th Sept, 2x Depressaria badiella tbc
17th Sept, Very worn Celypha lacunana tbc
26th Sept, Depressaria sp. prob badiella tbc
20th Oct, Depressaria sp. prob badiella tbc
No problem ! 6/6
Then we come to 19th Sept
223/216 possible Nemaxera betulinella could be Nemapogon cloacella, worn.
Pleased to say it was the former and a new VC30 county first record.
Gen. det. David Manning, county micro moth recorder.
223. Nemaxera betulinella 19th Sept. 2014
The 28th Nov. got even better when I checked the traps/walls this morning (29th)
I have waited 5 years for this common woodland species to drift into town .....
1935 Mottled Umber, 28/11/2014
.... Mottled Umber at last !
My garden was probably the last remaining site in Bedfordshire where this hadn't been recorded. This one is a nicely patterned example of this very variable species.
Edit : A second Mottled Umber found on the brick wall this morning ! ...

The 9 deg minimum temperature last night brought out a few moths despite a few periods of light rain ...
0464 Plutella xylostella, 1
0998 Epiphyas postvittana, 5
1395 Udea ferrugalis, 1
1524 Emmelina monodactyla, 3
1799 Winter Moth, 1
Winter Moth, 28/11/2014
1935 Mottle Umber, 2, garden first
2259 Dark Chestnut, 2
Dark Chestnut, 28/11/2014
 2306 Angle Shades, 1
Angle Shades 28/11/2014
Since my last post on the 15th Oct the following list is the total garden moths recorded to date (28th Nov)
0229 Monopis obviella, 1
0464 Plutella xylostella, 5
0874 Blatobasis lacticolella, 1
0998 Epiphyas postvittana, 35
1395 Udea ferrugalis, 3
1524 Emmelina monodactyla, 14
1760 Red-green Carpet, 1
1799 Winter Moth, 3
1862 Double-striped Pug, 2
1935 Mottled Umber, 2
1923 Feathered Thorn, 1
2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1
2227 Sprawler, 1
2259 Dark Chestnut, 4
2306 Angle Shades, 1
The 2 D. badiella that were gen detted were year first species bringing my year total to a tantalising 498, just 2 short of the magic 500


  1. Congratulations on the Nemaxera betulinella! Very nice and glad you held on to it just in case :)

    1. Cheers Ben, and by the way, 5 x Dark Chestnut in the last 4 days so keep your trap on mate :)

  2. No Mottled Umber has been recorded in my garden in Luton either, you must have been the last but one remaining !

    1. You are surely the last...December Moth is another one that avoids my garden like the plague.I'm sure I'm the only one in Bedfordshire that doesn't get them ?