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Monday, 26 January 2015

25th and 27th Jan 2015 ... Is that U Stella ?

It was just about warm enough last night to warrant putting on a couple of traps.
2 moths was a poor return, an expected Light Brown Apple Moth but a species that I dipped out on last year was stirred out of hibernation by the warmer weather  ... Ypsolopha ustella

461 .. Ypsolopha ustella
27th Jan
Last chance to bag a few more moths before the next cold spell with temperatures at 6 deg rising to 8 deg through the night, although the real-feel was more like 4.
One Lone Ranger in the traps ...
688 .. Agonopterix heracliana


  1. Yes. The white scale in the first quarter is a good field mark. It's usually present, even on the plain ones.

  2. Yes, and the similar ones are not flying at the mo