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Saturday, 21 February 2015

21st Feb 2015 ... Waiting

It's still very quiet on the mothing front with little opportunity to fire up a trap or two.
Looking at the forecast for the remainder of Feb it will probably be March before the traps go on again.
So far my garden total stands at 10 moths of 7 species, compared to 2014, 17 moths of 8 species.
Latest moth ...
19th Feb
1047 ... Acleris schalleriana

1047 ... Acleris schalleriana


  1. Hi Trent.
    That looks like an Acleris schalleriana to me.
    See what Matt reckons.


  2. I would agree.................. Looks like this one- .

  3. Having taken a bit more time to look at it, instead of writing it off as one of my commonest moths, I think I can safely record it as schalleriana. I do get a few of these every year so it's not going to win me a bottle of wine !
    Cheers both