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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Identifying Pugs is one of mothings mysteries to me. Ok I'm fine on quite a few now but I still struggle on some that others find easy, probably because I suffer a little from Pug Dyslexia or maybe it is Pug-avoidance.
On the 5th June a little Pug was spotted on the wall next to the trap so I potted it up and checked it out the following morning.
After posting the wrong ID, several Moth-ers corrected my mistake.
As it turns out, it should not have been in my garden as this is a creature of moorland and heath.
It probably came from the RSPB Old Heath at the Sandy headquarters which is about 3 miles from my garden as the moth flies.
So I recorded my first Narrow-winged Pug which is a great garden tick for the centre of town.
Narrow-winged Pug

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