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Friday, 9 October 2009

I.D. s.o.s.

Below are some pics of moths that I attempted to identify when I first started in July. Having reviewed the pics I am still unsure about a few of them and would like confirmation/correction ( this is obviously a job for Andy & Melissa !!)
OK. I will list what I thought they were at the time and still not 100% now with most of goes :-
From top to bottom..........
Poplar Grey (Knot Grass ?? )
A micro ????? a type of snout ???????
Pale Prominent
Large Thorn (no way !)
Early Thorn
Dingy Footman ( not Bedfordshire....Norwich)
Dark Arches ( this one puzzles me )
Common Rustic
Common Footman ( my last common footman turned out to be a Scarce Footman, thanks A&M ! )
Square-spot Rustic
All comments welcome but no prizes !

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  1. The top 1 is a Knot Grass- look at the 3 dots of white running in a short, straight horizontal line on the trailing edge. Poplar Grey is bowed with 4/5 dots.