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Monday, 12 October 2009

RESULTS 10th &11th Oct '09

weather for sat. Clear, chilly. bright 1/4 moon = 1 x Lunar Underwing
1 x Shuttle shaped Dart
Sunday, a little cloudier, a bit warmer and breezy.
Just the one Willow Beauty
Tonight the trap goes at the far end of the garden (position 2 ) and I
have invested in two Tesco Value fitted white sheets.
One for the brick wall on one side of the trap, and the other draped over two chairs
on the other side. It looks very effective and as I type this blog I can report two
Willow Beauties on the sheet over the brick wall.
I am confident that my £5.76p investment will not be wasted !
Having regular checks of my sheets, 3 willow B's and SSDart.
As an aside and for the record Redwings can be heard as I check the trap/sheets
and I have been hearing them pass over the garden just about every night
since 28/09/09.
But back to the mothin'....the rival trap at Caldecote is leaving me for dead at the moment, coming up with a Feathered Thorn and the fantastic "Wonder of the Day" which translated into French ?........... Merveille du Jour. I live in hope !!

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