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Monday, 26 July 2010

25th July......Flying High !

The early cold gusts abated and the evening remained still and damp with intermittent drizzle. Not quite enough to soak the trap. 33 species of macro were recorded including this.......
.......JULY HIGHFLYER, a Dells garden debutante, merci beaucoup
DUSKY SALLOW..... 3 of these little beauties in the trap this morning.

My 16th SMALL RANUNCULUS of the year, on the house wall near the trap after a 5 day absence.

DUN-BAR.....a frequent visitor. I have now had 3 different colour forms

COPPER UNDERWING (not Svensson's) Last nights tally :-
16 S.S.Dart
15 Dark Arches
7 Riband Wave
5 Cloaked Minor
5 Silver Y
4 Marbled Beauty
4 Least Carpet
4 Lime-speck Pug
3 Scarce Footman
3 Dun-bar
3 Dusky Sallow
3 Small Waved Umber
3 Common Rustic agg
2 Willow Beauty
2 Lesser Yellow Underwing (no Large Yellow !)
2 Dark/Grey Dagger
2 Ruby Tiger
2 Buff Ermine
2 Uncertain
2 Scalloped Oak
Copper Underwing
Garden Carpet
Bordered Pug
Small Ranunculus
July Highflyer
Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
Sallow Kitten
Heart & Dart
Small Dusty Wave
Privet Hawkmoth
Red/Dark Twin-spot Carpet

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