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Monday, 17 January 2011

Jan 16th...2010...Emmy award for persistence

Blowing a gale again tonight, but suddenly at 1900 hrs, the wind stopped and with my temperature gauge showing 8.8 deg C I turned on the traps.
Perfect I thought and then down came the rain which resulted in a mad scramble to cover up the traps.
By 10.30 the rain had stopped and the sky had cleared so where were the expected moths ?
No Mottled Umbers, Winter Moths, Chestnuts etc but at least I got my first E.monodactyla of the year............I may have to add them in the morning when I check the traps. Hope springs eternal
Emmelina monodactyla
The warmer weather stirred this Large Yellow Underwing larva into doubt my traps will be full of LYU's later in the year. Highest count in one evening last year was 99 in two traps.

For the last couple of years or so my garden has been a fairly regular calling place for a pair of Stock Doves. So today, I fired off a shot with my Lumix through a double glazed window for a passable pic. I don't know what attracts them to my garden but they are now enjoying the corn I scatter on the lawn and so are the Woodies and Collared Doves.


  1. Hi Trent, its good to see that your moth year has started too. I see you have linked to one of my blogs - From the Notebook. You might like to change it to to my all together more moth-ier one -

    Cheers Stewart.