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Sunday, 18 September 2011

17th Sept 2011....400 mark passed

Min overnight temp:- a chilly 5.8 deg.
Windy with thundery heavy showers early, then easing with clear skies and plummeting temperatures.
I left my traps to the mercy of the elements and headed for Captain Trappings domicile to eat vast amounts of Indian cuisine and to quaff red wine.
The result was soaking wet traps and an I don't care attitude.
Checked the soggy egg boxes this morning and was a little surprised to find my 400th species for the garden, 2011, a Barred Sallow.
An added bonus was a year first Blair's Shoulder-knot.


Others include Treble-bar and two Large Ranunculus accompanied by the usual Underwings, SSDarts, S.H. Characters. Square-spot and Vine's Rustics.
Very little on the micro front with just 3 x  A. geniculea


2011 garden tally:-
401 species.....230 macro, 171 micro

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