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Monday, 5 September 2011

4th Sep 2011... 6 of the best

Overnight min temp: 8.9 deg, cold breeze, with an unexpected shower. Or should I say, the forecast was for clear skies in the whole of Bedfordshire !
An Orange Sallow completed the set of six Xanthia family sallows, and joins Sallow, Barred Sallow, Pink-barred Sallow, Dusky-lemon Sallow and Pale-lemon Sallow on the garden list.
Add on the closely related Centre-barred Sallow to the list and it is quite an impressive garden tally.
The unrelated Bordered Sallow and Dusky Sallow are also on the list.


If there are any doubts that summer is over, the appearance of Black Rustic 
should have you clicking on the Amazon dot com Christmas catalogue for ideas ! This is my earliest record for the garden.

Now for the all important wine bet.....
It couldn't be much closer, I have 222 garden macros for the year and The Captain has 223, unless he added some last night.
Micros: This is where I am copping a spanking, Captain Trappings is sitting on a healthy 195 species whereas I am languishing on 171.
SO, trailing by 25 species is not a good position to be in



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  2. No new moths from 4th- my worst count for ages!
    Still need Pale-lemon and Bordered Sallows on my list...........