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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

14th Feb 2012... A Moth !

Min overnight temp ... 5.1 deg, NW wind 20mph gusts, light showers.
It's been 19 days since the last moth sighting in the garden due to the icy conditions so it was nice to put the traps on and add another species to the year list...... Satellite, plus another entry for my growing list of unidentified larvae.

The Satellite

Unidentified larva ( 22 mm )
Trent V Captain Trappings ( Matt ) .. Winner: 1 bottle of quality red
The garden macro species race, will now resume, but on a more level playing field.
I was expecting a slight advantage with the Captain & crew going away for 3 weeks to the Cayman Islands but the trip had to be cancelled last week.
Disappointment in large doses for the wife and kids but more so for daughter (grand-daughter) Keely who was on the rough end of a dose of chicken pox and is still covered in spots.
Her brother Louie is on "spot watch" as his turn is probably due around now.
A re-arranged trip may have to be next year, but hopefully it will be May or June to give me an even better advantage !
I do enjoy a nice glass of red...even more so when I haven't paid for it, so having lost the bet for the two years of its existence, I need an edge.
Latest odds..... Captain T ........ 1/2
                           Trent.............. evens

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