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Sunday, 26 February 2012

25th Feb 2012 ... Garden traps

overnight min. temp. ... 1.4 deg. calm, clear
Very little around as the temperature dipped.
The expected Common Quaker duly obliged and the Double-striped Pugs are set to follow.

0688 ... Agonopterix heracliana x 3
1524 ... Emmelina monodactyla x 2
2187 ... Common Quaker ... Orthosia cerasi ... year first

Common Quaker ... Orthosia cerasi


  1. Still ticking along nicely I see, I noticed your previous post featured a Clouded Drab, an earlyish record, haven't seen one yet, although just checked trap and have my first for the year Hebrew Character and Oak Beauty! trap out tonight?

    1. Oak Beauty is on my wish list Ben....none in 2009/10....but 5 last year. So I'm hoping they come to town again. Next few nights look good if the rain holds off.