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Saturday, 17 March 2012

16th March 2012... Landmarks/targets

Overnight min. temp. 6.6 deg. low-level cloud, chilly breeze.

I quite enjoy setting targets and passing landmarks, I find it to be an "aside" interest to the hobby, not that it is that important.
One landmark that I will reach soon is 500 species of moth for the garden. Not bad for under 3 years of mothing, (intense mothing) in a garden a little over 150 sq mts, in the middle of a town. This I hope to do by the end of April....confident.
Another landmark/target to reach this year is 300 species of macro moth. So 11 more "garden first" macros' required.... Not confident. but the target was 13  at the start of March, so who knows ?
Then there is the 250th micro species for the garden....difficult.
This requires 44 new micros'.
BUT the ultimate target is to beat Captain Trappings garden macro count and win a quality bottle of Red. This will be Very difficult and will require a record total of around 250 species to be in with a shout... tough call.

Last nights traps, 27 moths of 9 species:-
2182...Small Quaker, 2 ... Orthosia cruda
2187...Common Quaker, 8 ... Orthosia cerasi
2188...Clouded Drab, 2 ... Orthosia incerta
2190...Hebrew Character, 6 ... Orthosia gothica
1917...Early Thorn, 1 ... Selenia dentaria
2243...Early Grey, 2 ... Xylocampa areola
2256...Satellite, 2 ... Eupsilia transversa
0663...Diurnea fagella, 2
1524...Emmelina monodactyla, 2

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