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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

6th March 2011, Chelsea FC and a few moths

Original Chelsea Crest 1905 - 1952

1952 - 1953

1953 - 1986

1986 - 2005

2005 - present
Chelsea beat Birmingham City in last nights F.A. Cup replay 2-0, and will now face Leicester City at The "Bridge" on Sunday 18th March.
This could be a good omen for Chelsea because everytime they beat Leicester they go on to win the cup.....
Tonight, fading, jaded Tottenham Hotspur face lowly Stevenage in a FA Cup replay at Shite Hart Lane.

"One Di Matteo, there's only one Di Matteo".....

OOPS, Wrong pic !

Last nights moths :-
2187 Common Quaker ... Orthosia cerasi
0668 Agonopterix heracliana
1524 Emmelina monodactyla


  1. R-Di-M will have been sacked before the Foxes come down and deliver the quarter-final shock result ......

    1. You mean R Di M will have been PICKED before the Foxes come down.
      I'm reckoning on a draw and a trip to the King "Thai Airport Heist" Power Stadium for a replay...........