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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

30th April 2012 ... Garden Nature notes

Sunshine at last !
Decided to cast a few clouts in the garden before the May blossom is out.
I'm preparing a large bed for a mass of summer flowers...insect friendly of course.
A few bits and bobs were photographed during several rest periods

Esperia sulphurella
 Several E. sulphurella were seen flying around the compost heap, which is mainly shredded prunings and branches.
Two Argyrotaenia ljungiana were also netted and checked.

Apple Blossom
 The "Golden Hornet" crab-apple blossom opened today, amazing what a bit of sunshine will do.

Wasp, not sure which species.

Tawny Miner Bee
Lots of Ladybirds around, most were the familiar 7-spot, but 3 other species were present...........

2-spot Ladybird

Cream-spot Ladybird

Pine Ladybird

7-spot Ladybird

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