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Friday, 24 August 2012

23rd Aug 2012 .. Garden Moths + odd Minor ?

Jersey Tiger would be nice !
They are sneaking their way up the country and are a distinct possibility.
Three have been recorded in Bedfordshire over the last 3 years, one 2 days ago and one in my home town of Biggleswade, so it's eyes peeled, although this beauty would not be hard to spot !
Back to reality...
I can't buy a new macro moth for the 2012 list at the moment but I added at least two micros last night.....

Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (Below)

Paying little regard to our immigration policy....
Rush Veneer, Nomophila noctuella (Below) I almost missed this one as it sat in the egg boxes well disguised amongst the numerous caddis flies.

Silver Y numbers are well up this year, this one found its way into the house and spent the night on the skirting....

This "Minor" had me baffled, probably a Cloaked.....
10mm forewing.... any offers ? .... Cheers Captain !

Cloaked Minor, Mesoligia furuncula


  1. Cloaked- I got a Rush Veneer last night too.

  2. Cheers, I had two other Cloaked, bigger and well marked. Thought I'd better post it in case I missed something obvious and I could squeeze another macro tick out of the garden..... What's your favourite wine ? :)

  3. At the moment, probably Ozzy Shiraz.......................don't worry Spurs are looking shaky this season. You may get it back on the football.

    1. Yes they are... Us Chelsea fans are really sad about ABV leaving and going to Spurs !

    2. U bent van harte welkom ..... Ik ben blij dat je de blog

  4. Bedankt voor de tijd neemt om dat te bespreken, ik voel me echt sterk over en liefde meer te leren over dit onderwerp.

  5. U bent van harte welkom ..... Ik ben blij dat je de blog