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Sunday, 16 September 2012

15th Sept 2012 .... Garden Traps

The traps held no surprises this morning, still plenty of tired looking Yellow Underwings and other brown creatures.
A fresh looking Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing was noted just as I thought they had given up this year.
The desert of brown had the odd oasis, Brimstone Moth, Garden and Common Marbled Carpets and a Burnished Brass.
I'm not sure of the status of Burnished Brass to date as there appears to be strong evidence of a split, so maybe Cryptic Burnished Brass, as some are calling it, will soon be appearing on records.
If anyone has any comments on this....feel free.
Nothing seems to be Cryptic about this one.....

Common Marbled Carpet, for the past few years have all been the version with the big orangey red blotch on the forewing, but this year they have given way to the darker forms......Pic very much brightened to show pattern.

Moth Trappers favourites.....
Caddis Flies !
Not so many now but my traps get full of them during the elusive Summer,,, not a clue what species this is, but I may "get into them" someday, even though ID is a mare with some species and gen det is required.


  1. I have noticed that the CMCs are looking a bit like dark Water Carpets this autumn too...

  2. 50% of my CMCs are dark this year.