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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

24th Oct. 2012 .. Strange fungi in the garden ?????

I have seen a lot of fungi in my time but I've never seen a blue one ....
Can anyone identify this toadstool/mushroom ?
3" across ... 3" high approx
From the garden today ....

1 of 2 blue mushrooms

2 of 2 blue mushrooms
Probably Stropharia aeruginosa.
Thanks Andy W.


  1. Clitocybe odora ??
    Does it smell of aniseed ?

    1. No aniseed smell Andy, but you put me on the right track.
      I looked up similarities to C. odora and I'm convinced it is Stropharia aeruginosa.
      It has a slimy feel to the cap whereas C. odora is dry and it turns a tan colour with age starting from the centre of the cap as in top photo. The gill colour looks right too.
      The consensus of opinion is that it is poisonous although there is no info regarding the toxicity, but some seem to think it is edible ! Probably the "Zero Population Growth Society".
      Thanks for the pointer, I didn't know where to start with this one and had just about given up.