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Sunday, 23 December 2012

23rd Dec 2012 Late Quaker

Wet but much warmer
min temp = 10 deg

A late, very worn, Yellow-line Quaker and a Light Brown Apple Moth were attracted to the lights in the shed windows.
Blacklights, actinic and a normal 36 watt fluorescent were all left blazing until midnight

Epiphyas postvittana, Light Brown Apple Moth

This Yellow-line Quaker has seen better days


  1. Blimey - that YLQ has seen better days!

  2. Hehe it sure has, Happy Christmas and se you in the new year. ps. shame about the wine bet!

  3. See you all in the new year..... I have foolishly accepted yet another wine bet for 2013. ( I've already bought the wine !)
    Here's hoping you and yours have a happy,successful new year, but more importantly, a healthy one.
    Thanks for the help and advice over the last few years everyone.