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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1st Jan 2013 ... We're off and running !

A happy, healthy New Year to all.

2012 was officially the wettest year on record and a poor year for mothing.
(I've just heard it's the second wettest. Apparently the year 2000 was the wettest)
Since most pupae are developing near, on or under the ground, a large number were probably washed away or drowned.
This could mean low numbers for a few years before the populations recover.
I hope my simplistic theory is proved wrong by a bumper 2013,

THE ANNUAL WINE BET between myself and Matt for the most species of moths caught within our garden boundaries, will be all inclusive, macro/micro, if it's a moth ... it counts.
Yours truly has lost the previous 3 years !

The trap has been modified a little, the 20watt blacklight ballast developed a fault so I have removed it and replaced it with two more 11 watt PL actinic lamps (see below).
The Dells garden trap in action last night .... Skinner type with 4 x 11watt PL actinic lamps 

Let's get 2013 started,
Last nights trapping results.....
Trap: 4 x 11watt PL actinic Skinner

2259...DARK CHESTNUT x 2

Winter Moth, Operophtera brumata
Dark Chestnut, Conistra ligula


  1. Oh no! Micro's as well, gulp! Next couple of nights looks good for a Home Wood 'drop and run', I will charge the battery..............

  2. Gah beating me already! perhaps we should do County vs County? :)

  3. I better check my Laithwaites account first !