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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Need a bigger trap ! Mothing, North Carolina style

Here are some of the larger moths caught on the Appalachians, Watauga County,
near Boone, North Carolina using the Twin 15 watt actinic  Ratface Traveller.
Tonights mothing in Biggleswade is going to be a tad tame !

110 mm wingspan, Callosamia anguilifera
Tulip-tree Silk Moth

115 mm wingspan, Eacles imperialis
Imperial Moth

150mm wingspan, Antheraea polyphemus.
Polyphemus Moth, Very worn but huge. ( with Grandson Oliver )

100+ mm wingspan, Actias luna
Luna Moth


  1. Nice post, saw a Luna moth a couple of years ago on a lamppost in kissimmee next to walmart - as a car tick while stopped at traffic lights !

    1. They're certainly cracking moths. I got 6 of them last week, all attracted to Matts "Ratface Traveller" trap.

  2. The Ratface is going to Australia next....................

    1. Everything is poisonous or venomous there, maybe moths too !?

  3. The "Face" is the ideal globetrotter, 110v to 240v single phase which covers every country in the world..... Just need about 20 different adaptors and we're mothin', hope you like mothin' too.