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Sunday, 9 August 2015

8th Aug ... Latest garden moths ...

The garden traps are heaving with rubbish at the moment.
Large Yellow, Lesser Yellow, Broad-bordered Yellow and Lesser B-b Yellow Underwings.
Shuttle-shaped Darts that you weigh instead of counting, Common Rustics too, Turnip Moths, and lately, Square-spot Rustics, Flounced Rustic with the odd Copper Underwing.
This is known as "Brown Stuff", and each morning you sift through it hoping for something different.
Fortunately, this often happens, one moth will stand out and it's usually a good one ... Tree-lichen Beauty for instance, Lunar-spotted Pinion and Twin-spotted Wainscot were three examples that made the morning check worthwhile ......
It has been correctly pointed out that the Pinion is Lesser-spotted, not Lunar-spotted. The pale round patch at mid forewing, with the small black dot in the centre is not present on Lunar and the paler colour clinches it.
So that completes the Cosmia set of four. Thanks Matt Burgess for pointing this out.
Tree-lichen Beauty
Lesser-spotted Pinion
Twin-spotted Wainscot


  1. Thanks, I didn't get to change it until now. I'm glad you noticed my mistake as Lesser-spotted was the one I was missing.
    Thanks for the "garden first".

  2. Replies
    1. Yes of course, seeing as garden firsts are £5 I consider it a bargain :)