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Monday, 5 October 2015

Oct 4th 2015, Garden Traps report

Two more "newbies" for 2015
Brown-spot Pinion and Pink-barred Sallow. These common species are quite rare in my garden and I missed out on both of them last year.
Brown-spot Pinion
Pink-barred Sallow
A Common Wainscot, Common Marbled Carpet,two Large Ranunculus and two Spruce Carpet were also present along with the usual Lunar Underwing's, Black Rustic's, Blair's Shoulder-knot and the late Summer/early Autumn hangers on.
Common Wainscot
A well camouflaged Large Ranunculus
Spruce Carpet
On the lookout for a Merveille du Jour now and a garden first Autumnal Rustic would be a nice find

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