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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Moths from a small Bedfordshire garden

Moths are fascinating creatures, most people know about butterflies but ask them about moths and they think they all look the same. How wrong could they be ? Take a closer look and you will be amazed by their wonderful colours, shapes and sizes. My interest in moths started this year and it's my bug-crazy 4 year old grandson Louie that kick started it. So along with Matthew (Louie's dad, my son) we delved a little deeper and discovered cunning ways to catch them and informative field guides to identify them, although this can be a can of worms ! Fortunately there are more learned people in this field who are more than willing to help, advise, encourage. The upshot is that we have both cobbled together a trap each and set them up in our respective gardens. Matts blog site is by the way.
I am going to try and upload some of the trap results and try my best to keep this blog going and hope someone somewhere reads it one day !


  1. Large Ranunculus??? Nice Moth!! But you're still playing catch up to th emighty Caldecote trap!!


  2. My site is !!!!! You've put a 'the' on it