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Sunday, 20 September 2009

National Moth Day 2nd Night

Nice weather conditions, no wind and warm for most of the evening. Good for the serious mothmen, sitting around an array of illuminated boxes with their bottles of real ale and hip flasks in the middle of some woodland. God only knows what they tell their wives ! Don't forget the pack of cards !!
Last nights trap results :-
One each of the following:-
Common Wainscot (common)
Common Marbled Carpet ( only 2 since I started in July)
Double-Striped Pug ( very small, forewing about 8mm) see pic below
Square-Spot Rustic (common)
Brimstone (very common in my garden)
Setaceous Hebrew Character (common)
Treble Bar (regular) see pic below
Black Rustic (garden 1st) see pic below
................................... 8 x Large Yellow Underwing ( very common..The" crash-test dummy" moth)
7 x Lesser Yellow Underwing
6 x Willow Beauty
5 x Pale Mottled Willow
3 x Shuttle-Shaped Dart

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