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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sept 17 2009;-

Much calmer than last night and distinctly warmer too.

Nice moth turned up and obligingly posed near the trap on my garden wall,

A Large Ranunculus (see pic above) which I believe is uncommon in the area.(hope my I.D. skills are improving !)

Others include Large yellow Underwings, Willow Beauty (2), several micro-moths (leave THEM for the patient people who read Latin) Square Spot Rustics, Brimstone, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Shuttle-Shaped Dart.
The top pic is one of a multitude of these micro-moths !


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  2. correnting myself, the "micro moth" is a Caddis fly species

  3. Thanks again. My trap was full of them, with a great variety of sizes although they all looked like the same species