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Saturday, 26 November 2011

25th Nov 2011... Bleary Eyed

Min overnight temp...4.9 deg...windy, clear skies.
Last night I was sampling some fine real ales at the Northill & Ickwell annual beer festival, straight from the keg.
9 barrels of ale from places such as the Houston Brewery in Renfrewshire, with their 2011 British Championship bitter "Peter Wells",  to St Austell Brewery in Cornwall, where the well known "Tribute" has delighted the tonsils of many an ale shifter.
I checked the traps this morning and recorded a big fat zero, that is until my grandson Louie had a ferret round the garden and found a Grey Shoulder-knot on the air vent in the brick wall above the's no surprise that I missed it this morning.......................


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