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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

8th Nov 2011...November strata"gem"

Overnight min temp: 9.4 deg....overcast, drizzly
Trapping throughout November has paid dividends again.
After finding a Scarce Bordered Straw on the 4th, last night produced a male GEM, which is a newcomer to The Dells garden list....

This is macro number 248 for the garden in 2011.
The wine bet with Captain Trappings has been conceded for the most garden species this year so I am now playing for pride.
Matt (Capt. Trappings) has reached his 250 macro tally so I am 2 species behind with approx 7 weeks to go.
Tonight (9th) is still mid, but the sky has now cleared showing a big bright almost full moon. Not good.
It is now 20.15 hours and so far nothing in and around the traps.....could this be the first blank for since last winter ?


  1. There is still time to beat me on macros yet. Scarce Umber, Mottled Umber, December Moth, Northern Winter Moth are all still up for grabs.

  2. In 3 years I have had just one moth from that list...2009 December Moth.
    Saying that, if this warm weather and southerly biased winds keep up ANYTHING could turn up