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Monday, 7 January 2013

6th Jan 2013 ... Pale Brindled Beauty

Just the one moth last night, but a nice year tick.
Pale Brindled Beauty.
It was attracted to the 40 watt blacklight in the shed window, the actinic lights on the trap scored a big zero.

Pale Brindled Beauty, Phigalia pilosaria
Wine Bet Latest.
P.B.B. brings my total to 6 species for the year but Matt has weighed in with a cracking Mottled Umber to pull level.
Mottled Umber remains unrecorded at The Dells so "advantage Matt"


  1. Still at 1 Moth for the year! trap on again tonight just in case. I have tried all 3 of my traps with different lights!
    Its tense start to the wine bet!
    All the best

  2. Sprinters never win the Grand National Ben :)