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Thursday, 23 May 2013

22nd May 2013 ... A little Sprucie bonus

4 deg and a chilly Nor'wester blowing. coupled with clear skies and a 93% bright waxing moon.
Not the best conditions for the light traps, but I left the traps on in the hope that the wind would drop a little and the pre-dawn flight would be productive when the moon had disappeared.
A dark looking carpet was spotted about 12 feet up on the house wall just after dark, so with a specimen pot, a large pair of steps and a complete disregard for the Health and Safety Executive, I managed to pot it and discovered it to be a Spruce Carpet, thus losing a bet with myself that it was a May Highflyer.
A good bet as I now owe myself a beer.
1769 ... Spruce Carpet ... Thera britannica

As for the productive pre-dawn flight .... it didn't happen.
Just 6 moths recorded ......

1769 ... Spruce Carpet ... Thera britannica ... 1 ... YF
1834 ... Common Pug ... Eupithecia vulgata ... 1
2092 ... Shuttle-shaped Dart ... Agrotis puta ... 4

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