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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30th April 2013 ... Nice end to the month, but still cold.

Temperatures hit a low of zero degrees last night and only 8 moths were recorded in and around the traps.
My third ever Streamer was a good Dells moth and it was nice to get a Dark Sword-grass as I missed it last year.

1747 .. Anticlea derivata ... The Streamer ... 1, YF
1747 ... The Streamer,  Anticlea derivata
1862 .. Gymnoscelis rufifasciata ... Double-striped Pug ... 1
2091 .. Agrotis ipsilon ... Dark Sword-grass ... 1, YF

2091 ... Dark Sword-grass,  Agrotis ipsilon
2182 ... Orthosia cruda ... Small Quaker ... 1
2190 ... Orthosia gothica ... Hebrew Character ... 2
2243 ... Xylocampa areola ... Early Grey ... 2

On the sunny wall this morning ....
Common Lizard, minus tail, probably had a close encounter with one of the cats ....

Common Lizard ... Lacerta vivipara


  1. Nice early migrant! I had quite a few in last May, including Pearly Underwing, Small Mottled Willow and Small Marbled....but I think where I use to live was on a migrant inter-cepting route (high up with no other lights around)
    Slowly falling back on garden species at the moment, but Streamer rescued me this morning.
    Happy trapping!

    1. PU, SMW and SM would all be garden firsts for me. Matt has had SMW twice in his garden and he is only 3 miles away as the moth flies so I live in hope.
      2 Muslins and a Powdered Quaker kept me ticking over this morning, with Common Q, Small Q.
      Those Orthosia's are here for the nice summer we are going to have !
      Ever optimistic ;)