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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BRINDLED OR OAK-TREE ? ... What do YOU think ?

Yesterday I posted two pics of Brindled Pug, but sharp-eyed Matt ( Captain Trappings) is 100 per cent sure
that  the top picture of the two is in fact an Oak-tree Pug.
Opinions are very welcome .......

Oak-tree suspect

Brindled Pug
 The discal marks are wider in the top pic, the bottom Brindled shows a thin, short black line.
There are orange/brown scales along leading and trailing edges of  forewing in the top pic which point to Oak-tree (click to enlarge).
There is a subtle difference in wing shape, but they are more or less similar in wingspan, about 23 mm give or take a mil.
Anyone ?


  1. 23mm wingspan is large for Oak-tree, but discals look good. Difficult to tell with Pugs, angle of camera makes a big difference to the wing shape in photos............

  2. The brindled was 23 mm'ish and the other may have been a mil smaller ... not much in it. I held a 300mm kids school ruler above it and you know what my eyes are like ! So the measurements are not accurate just an estimate really, but close.
    I didn't keep them so it may be one of those that "got away".

  3. Cheers Skev,
    I did originally record them both as Brindled, but after talking to Matt he pointed out the discals which were thicker than any Brindled he has seen, they usually have a fine short line. Not many takers on the ID tho ... Pugphobia mate.