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Sunday, 5 October 2014

4th Oct 2014 .. What a change !

Talk about good luck.
The week-long boating holiday last week was blessed with glorious sunny weather, I even got sunburnt.
Temperatures above 20 degrees all week and minimum night temps no lower than 12.
I missed a good autumn mothing week though, and just to rub it in, I put on the garden traps last night and the cold front dropped the temp down to 3 degrees with a clear sky and a bright waxing moon.
However, I managed to add a Sallow to the year list which was one of just 8 species.....
BF 2274 The Sallow
The wine race took a turn for the worst as Matt of Trappingsofsuccess took full advantage of my weeks absence and leaf-mined his garden with a fine tooth pick, he must have checked every leaf in the garden, the result of which has put me firmly back in 2nd place ... no change there then.
Sad to say, Ben Sale of Essex Moths, back in 3rd place, will require powerful binoculars to pick out the puffs of dust on the horizon ...
The said Ben Sale will not be too bothered about the wine race.
While I was away, he dicovered a Fall Webworm in his Stevenage garden trap, a new species for Britain.
Now that's what I call a mega-tick !

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  1. Waaay back in 3rd place. I remain happy though for other reasons :) I think I will have to start dissecting things myself in a year or two.