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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

27th April Last but not LEAST Black Arches

Another bumper catch in the garden last night...Stars of the show were the TWO Least Black Arches that settled on my sheet on the shed wall, illuminated with a 25w U/V. The traps did well too with another garden first, a Nut-tree Tussock. Total count was 52 moths of 23 species. :-
9 x Shuttle -shaped Dart
6 x Double-striped Pug
4 x Common Quaker
3 x Early Grey
3 x Grey Dagger (Not verified)
3 x Hebrew Character
3 x Brindled Pug
3 x Brimstone Moth
2 x Small Waved Umber
2 x Least Black Arches (Garden first)
1 x Pale Mottled Willow
1 x Common Pug
1 x Powdered Quaker
1 x Muslin Moth
1 x Ruby Tiger
1 x Nut-tree Tussock (Garden first)
1 x Garden Carpet
1 x Purple Thorn ( no doubt the same one from the night before, but I managed to catch it and released it far away to give it a break !)
Also 6 x micro of 5 species
2 x Twenty-plume moth
1 x White shoulder moth
1 x Agonopterix alstromeriana
1 x Light Brown Apple Moth
1 x Unidentified
one of 6



Two of these little beauties on my old bedsheet !!

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