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Friday, 9 April 2010


There are lots of small Anoles, Geckos and lizards here, but if you like BIG then check out this Green Iguana. So called because they are bright green when young, This one is around 5 ft from head to tail and happily resides with humans alongside the boat docks with lots of his friends ! You cannot go anywhere in Cayman without seeing several of these critters.
Any moths ???

The Blue Iguana is almost extinct on the island apart from a few small areas in the more remote parts. There is a breeding programme at the Botanical Gardens where there is a small wild population, like the one pictured, and released individuals which all carry coloured marker tags. Dont get too close to these fellas as they are more aggressive than the Green Iguana. This one is about 1 metre long but they grow a lot bigger.

Every Palm tree has one or two resident Anoles

An agitated Anole flashing a warning with his brightly coloured dewlap.

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