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Thursday, 29 April 2010

28th April Another great night !

Missed this one. Found it on the wall near the trap, and it's another garden first....
Cabbage Moth


Another good night indeed with two more to add to my garden macro list and plenty of micros to sort out !

The two pics below are for Bennyboy to peruse, he has followed this blog and helped me out with ID probs as have many others and I thank you all. This is my old bedsheet, nailed to the shed, with a 25watt bayonet blacklight in a batten lampholder shining on it. This attracted the 2 Least Black Arches the night before, but is great for allsorts of moths and other strange insects. I like to check this at hourly intervals with camera poised....SO, this is the famous Tesco "value" bedsheet Ben !! Crude but affective (:0))

25 watts of bug pulling power !!

Always nice to see RUBY TIGER, two were in the Skinner this morning.

Nice littleish micro...Argycotaenia ljungiana

This was on the bedsheet with 2 others and I need help on this one !! But what a little stunner at around 5/6mm long.
Eriocrania subpurpurella ..........Thanks Paul, that fits the bill perfectly

SCALLOPED HAZEL a garden first, it liked the outside toilet light more than the traps !

A beautiful CINNABAR moth, another garden first. Trapped in the "Homebase Funnel Trap"

The first FLAME SHOULDER of the year

One of my "target" moths, an EARLY THORN, and my first 1st generation sighting
Total species and numbers found :-

6 x S.S.Dart
1 x Red Twin-spot Carpet (not verified)
3 x Common Quaker
2 x Small Quaker
2 x Bright-line Brown-eye
1 x Brimstone
2 x Ruby Tiger
4 x D.S. Pug
4 x Early Grey
1 x Grey Dagger (not verified)
1 x Small Waved Umber....prob one that escaped last night before release
1 x Nut-tree Tussock.....again, prob the same one as last night, have caught and released today.
3 x Hebrew Character
1 x Garden Carpet
1 x Early Thorn
1 x Scalloped Hazel (garden first)
1 x Flame Shoulder
1 x Cinnabar (garden first)
1 x Cabbage Moth
1 x Yellow Barred Brindle (garden first)


1 x Argyrotaenia ljungiana

1 x Light Brown Apple Moth

2 x White Shouldered House-moth

2 x E. monodactyla

2 x Tinea pellionella

3 x (that gold moth !!) Eriocrania purpurella ...Thanks Paul

plus 2 or three more.


  1. I think your micro is Eriocrania subpurpurella. Nice moth, hope I get one some time. Cheers, Paul

  2. I'm liking the valye bedsheet idea! it certainly reflects the light of the 25w Blacklight!
    I must get me one of those as I recently trod on my 40w Actinic so might try a blacklight for a change.